New and Improved and Other things that Bug the Heck out of me!

I am not perfect. Let me say that right away. I make mistakes, have typos and am sometimes not as careful as I should be in how I use words.

Now with that out of the way,  let me do a bit of ranting.

Advertising and marketing people love to use certain key words and phrases. Many times they make no sense or are entirely missleading. Take for example “New and Improved.” If something is new, it is not improved, it is new.  If something has been improved, it is not new. A simple concept.  What the advertiser is saying is that the product presented for your buying pleasure is better than something else and it may be a product that you have never heard of before.   So be it, but IT IS NOT NEW AND IMPROVED!

Another phrase I see (especially on signage) is wholesale pricing, buy at wholesale, wholesale savings, etc.  I used to own a retail business and I have worked as a consultant with retailers and distributors.  Let me assure you that you (as a consumer) cannot buy anything at wholesale.  (Or if you did the company that sold it to you is not only out of business but deeply in debt.)  Wholesale  means buying the “whole.”  A retailer buys a large quantity of product (from a wholesaler…a producer) and then marks it up to cover cost and produce a profit.  If they were buy and sell at wholesale they not only would not make money, they would lose money.  Nuff said.

How about restaurants who offer home- cooked meals?  (What they take it to someone’s home to cook and they bring it back to the restaurant to sell to you?? OR do they have a bunch of people who make their home in the restaurant …and does the heath department know?)

These are just a few of my pet gripes. I won’t even talk about the miss use of “unique” and “literally”

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