cropped-john-writing.jpgBestadman is far too modest to speak of himself or to tell of all of the fabulous things he has done.  But he would like to tell you about his friend  John Roake.

John has over 30 years of successful marketing experience. With degrees in advertising, public relations and international business he is well schooled in the field and has hands-on experience as a researcher, strategist, writer, director and trainer.  He also happens to be funny. (and not just funny looking.)   Whether you need a radio or television script, a public relations campaign, research, analysis or a full-fledged marketing plan, John is your guy. He has worked for agencies, big corporations, and small start-ups and now he is ready to work for you.

He is also an avid hiker, a certified SCUBA diver, a history buff, father and husband.


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