What a busy guy Bestadman is

So, I have been doing all kinds of things for people smart enough to hire me.  Today, I have been working on a radio ad for a Nevada-based credit repair company, a pair of video scripts on Michael Faraday and Fyodor Dostoevsky, and some website content for a web memorial company.  The credit repair company has a poor slogan which I am trying to get them to let me change as I would like them to stay in business….stay tuned for the exciting conclusion.  It is never the same from one day to the next.  But on to more important items

PENTAX ImageMany have asked me 1.) If I have sailed in the America’s Cup races and 2.) if I am willing to sell my Hawaiian shirt (pictured above)  To these questions I say 1.) Well, I tried to, but when I attempted to take the replica 19th Century sailing ship away from the dock (still loaded with a bunch of surprised tourists) I was informed(none too politely) that said ship was needed to film “Master and Commander” and 2.) I am afraid that the price of that particular shirt would be far too high for anyone not named Gates or Rockefeller to consider. (Hey, you must remember that bestadman’s friend john sweated in that shirt.)

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